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How To Book Your Own Cruise, All Inclusive Resort Package and Excursions

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Book Your Own Travel

In this post we will be giving you a complete walkthrough of how to use our Book Your Own travel pages. This will include booking your own cruises, all inclusive packages and excursions.

Step #1 - Click Book Your Own from the menu on your mobile device or desktop (we recommend desktop for best user experience and ease of use)

Step #2 - Select the type of Book Your Own Vacation you'd like to book. You'll have 3 options: All Inclusive, Cruises or Excursions

"Choosing a the right cruise for you can be a difficult decision; try talking to our Cruise Specialist for assistance." – Paradise Vacations

Step #3A - Book Your Own All Inclusive

Booking your all inclusive resort package can be done conveniently 24/7. When you select All Inclusive, you'll be required to read our Terms & Conditions and agree to a couple check boxes. We have pre-checked the box stating that you agree to select Paul Birch OR Lori Birch during the booking process. Should you pick another agent by mistake you need to let us know or we won't be able to assist you with your booking.

Step #3B - Book Your Own Cruise

To book a cruise you'll have 2 options, the first one is to follow the steps in Step #3B and select cruise in the booking portal. If you want to Book Your Own Virgin Voyages cruise, you can select Virgin Voyages from the menu. You'll be taken to our personal Virgin Voyages page where you can browse itineraries, check out destinations and book your own Virgin Voyage (adult only).

Step #3C - Book Your Own Excursions

Whether you're in the planning stages or already at your destination, you can use our link to Viator to book your excursion. Make sure that the page shows Paul at the top or we won't be able to assist you. Once you've made a selection, you'll be able to book now and pay later or pay the whole amount. Make sure you've read all the inclusions/exclusions prior to booking as not all excursions are created equal.

Now that you're an amateur travel agent....

You'll be able to book your next all inclusive resort vacation for you and your family, book a cruise with some of the best cruise lines like Royal Caribbean and Virgin Voyages and see some of the coolest things on earth like the Colosseum in Rome or the Northern Lights in Iceland through our excursions link. AND, if you find yourself in a jam, you'll always have Paradise Vacations' TICO Certified Agents by your side.

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